Where is the dashboard camera mounted?

The dashc am is typically mounted onto the vehicle’s front windshield or dash board. You should not set/ install this dash cam at a place that would obstruct or reduce a driver’s view. Make sure your usage complies with the pertinent vehicle codes of your state, province, territory or country.


How is the dash cam powered?

Using the supplied DC power adapter, all myGEKOgear dash cams are powered through the vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket. However, the design of the power supply from a cigarette charger varies by each model from car manufacturer We recommend to test or check the user manual of your car for more details.


Will there be any wires hanging from my dash cam?

All myGEKOgear dashcams comes with a 4 meters (13.25 FT) long DC power adapter cable, which can be routed and hidden between the gaps in various places such as the vehicle’s headliner and the pillar.

Do I need any special software to play the recorded video?

If your current media player cannot play the recorded video, please download the latest version of your standard media player installed on your computer (Windows Media Player, QuickTime) or download a free version of the VLC Media Player from a trusted source online.

How do I save a file when I am driving?

The recorded files are automatically saved into the SD or micro SD card, depending on the model. When the memory card becomes full, the camera’s loop recording function will automatically loop and overwrite the oldest video. If you want to ensure that a particular file does not get erased simply back it up. Please refer to your device’s user guide available under support for each model.

What is the recording time of the dash cam?

The recording time depends on the size of the memory card that is used.  Please refer to the table below:


SD Card Memory 1080P 30 fps
8GB 90 mins
16GB 180 mins
32GB 360 mins