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Why You Need a Dash Cam in Your Rideshare Car

If you are part of the Rideshare business and drive passengers every day having a dash cam in your car can become an essential to your ride. Your time on the road increases along with more interactions with complete strangers getting into your car. Drivers have no idea when an incident with a vehicle or a passenger will occur. Having a dash cam can protect you and your passengers, in showing what happened. 


Using a dash cam to document your driving is always the safest bet. In the case of an accident, the other driver may not want to take fault and spin a story placing blame on you. Having a dash cam provide clear cut evidence of really what occurred, this prevents a case from getting messy. 

Driving Unpleasant Passengers

When your job entails picking up different passengers every day, you don’t know who you might encounter. Some people might be out to harm you and try to start an altercation with you. Seeing a dash cam in your car might deter them from doing so, since they know that they’re being watched and recorded. 

Catching Thieves 

In 2017, it was in the news that a woman stole tips out from a Uber driver’s tip jar. One might think, that these don’t happen often and the chances are that it might not even happen to you, but it’s always better to be safe then sorry. Always make sure that your personal items are hidden away from passengers and always have a dash cam to capture your entire ride in case anything does happen. 

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False Claims & Bad Ratings

You may have thought a ride had went well but received a bad rating for the ride. Customers might try and get a free ride by complaining making a false claim about a bad ride. Having a dash cam will give you proof and ability to state that you are following the rules.

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Capturing Unexpected Moments

Not all incidents can be a bad one, with a dash cam you get the chance at capturing unexpected moments. 

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Finding the Right Dash Cam for your Vehicle

With so many dash cams no available, users now have the ability to finding the right one to fit their vehicle with. From 1296P dash cams equipped with Wi-Fi, GPS logging, and driver assist features, myGEKOgear has many other solutions such as the OwlScout, perfect for Rideshare drivers, or the Infiniview, perfect for truck drivers.


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