What to Have in Your Car for Emergencies

When you’re on the road, you’ll never be sure what can happen. Your car might break down or you might be caught up in an accident. Before travelling anywhere, you should always keep these items in your car just incase for an emergency. Stay tuned and find out what we think is essential to always keep in your car.

Jumper Cables

Having a dead battery happens to the best of us. If you have one ready in your trunk, you won’t need to wait and find a good Samaritan who has a jumper cable to help you out.

USB Cable

Whether you’re just running errands or going out, having a USB cable in your car is always handy. Your phone may run out of battery and there won’t be a way for you to contact anyone incase of emergencies.

First Aid

First Aid Kit

If you end up in a minor collision or you get injured when you’re out and about, having a first aid kit in your car can be crucial. Those bandages, antiseptics, and gauze can be convenient when you’re hurt.


There is always a possibility that your car could break down anywhere, anytime. Having a flashlight can be crucial if your car breaks down when night is falling.


When your car is broken down and sitting at the side of the road, one of the most dangerous aspects are the oncoming cars and the risk of colliding. Having the reflectors placed a few feet behind your car will let the oncoming cars know to create slow down or watch out for your car

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