Xpedition Dash Camera

Part Number: X10016G


Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS have all come together to build the ultimate smart dash cam, the Xpedition X100. This dash cam includes a small Bluetooth enabled remote and when pressed, the camera captures both a 2 megapixel image, and, records a short video. Once the Xpedition App is installed on your smart device, you can connect to the camera via WI-FI , allowing you to download, edit, add music, and share videos and pictures as well as view your video as it streams live straight from the app on your device. As if not enough, the built in GPS displays your speed and location on a Google map alongside your video, so you’ll know exactly where the footage was taken and the traveling speed. Finally, thanks to the app, firmware updates can be done simply from your phone. This tiny 32mmx32mm cube is loaded with everything needed to document life’s journeys.