Part Number: InifiniView-US


Having visibility issues when you’re backing up? The new InfiniView is a 3 in 1 package, complete with a dash cam, 9.7” digital touch screen anti-glare mirror, and rearview system to help you back up. With this newest car accessory you will have full visibility of your surroundings to make driving a lot easier. With easy installation, the InfiniView simply clips onto the already existing rearview mirror. This digital mirror has a dash cam that pulls out on the front and a rear camera to record everything that unfolds on the road. The rear camera is IPX7 waterproof lens so it can be placed outside at the rear and capture everything in rain or fog without any damage.  To ensure clear videos, both the front and the rear camera record in 1080P. The Sony Exmor sensor is in the front camera and the Sony Starvis sensor is in the rear camera perfect in low light situations. Recording at 170° wide angle this will ensure that users will be able to grab every small detail on the road. Along with a standard 25 feet cable, a 40 feet extension cable is also provided to hook up a trailer or trucks. Additionally, drivers can use scroll up and down on the touch screen mirror to move the rearview camera to make sure the path is clear. With the InfiniView drivers will no longer drive with an obstructed view!