Smart Whistle

Assistance from a loved one is now just a whistle away with the world’s first Smart Whistle. Fashioned with GPS tracking and Bluetooth technology, this monumental tool can alert your loved ones instantly when you are in need.

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Smart Whistle

Assistance from a loved one is now just a whistle away with the world’s first Smart Whistle. Fashioned with GPS tracking and Bluetooth technology, this monumental tool can alert your loved ones instantly when you are in need. First, you download the WISO app on your smartphone device and pair it to your own unique Smart Whistle. On the app, select the contacts whom you wish to notify when you need assistance and the set-up is complete. To activate your SOS alerts, blow on the mouthpiece or press on your Smart Whistle’s button for two seconds. This will automatically call (Android only), text, and email your previously selected contacts. The texts and emails will contain an SOS message, along with a map containing your current location, which will be continuously updated every two to three minutes until the alert is deactivated. After deactivating the alert, your contacts receive another message informing them of your well-being. With GEKO’s Smart Whistle, you’ll be sporting safety with style.
BatteryCR2032 Battery
Weight0.01 lbs
What’s in the BoxSmart Whistle, Mouth Cover, Strap, CR2032 Battery, Quick User Guide
Max. Capacity of microSD card64GB
Mobile AppSearchWISO APP on Apple Store or Google Play
Warranty1 Year
Service CoverageCheck Coverage Countries
User Manual Click Here to Download
Firmware Download FW96658A.bin
Instructions 1. Power off the dashcam first and then eject the MicroSD Card from the dashcam.2. Using a card reader to insert Micro SD Card into your computer. 3. Drag or copy FW96658A.bin to your SD card. 4. Eject the MicroSD card from the computer. 5. Insert the MicroSD card into the dashcam and power it on. The screen will remain dark for around 1 minute and it will reboot. 6. Go to settings to verify the version: Click ok to stop recording to enter menu and Press Menu twice to enter the second page of the menu ->firmware version -> It should show EF1.08.02. 7. Format your SD Card before using: Click ok to stop recording and to enter menu and Press Menu twice to enter the second page of the menu -> format -> SD Card ->ok. After formatting is finished, you are good to go.
Published Date 05/15/2018
Version EF1.08.02


The Smart Whistle comes equipped with Bluetooth technology to allow pairing between it and your WISO app. It syncs with your phone and app via Bluetooth and that allows texts/emails to be sent once the smart whistle has been activated.


The Smart Whistle comes with 30 FREE SOS SMS per month. Aside from sending digital alerts to your pre-selected contacts, you can also keep blowing your whistle and/or set your app to play a loud siren to attract others, or, set stealth mode to remain quiet.


Loved ones will be able to easily locate you during an emergency on Google Maps via the WISO app, or online. When the Smart Whistle is activated, they’ll receive the SOS alerts containing simple and discreet location info on a map straight to their phone or email. Thereafter, the WISO app will update your contacts with your current location every three minutes, until alert is deactivated

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Send your preselected loved ones a recording to let them know what’s going on.


Whether you have an iOS or Android device, as long as you have internet service, you’ll be able to pair your Smart Whistle and activate your SOS alerts. No seperate monthly service plan or contract required. WISO app offers free text messages every month and unlimited email/call notifications up to 3 contacts.


This device is perfect for women, kids, students, elderly who live alone, and athletes who practice sports individually (such as runners, hikers, bikers and extreme sports enthusiasts). So whether you’re at school, work, working out, or in the city for lunch, the Smart Whistle will never leave your side.


The Smart Whistle comes in two different modern colors to match your unique signature style. This device will look good with anything, just like your favorite pair of jeans.



The device’s strap was designed to be stretchy and flexible in order to be strapped on anywhere or to anything. The Smart Whistle is an all-weather, one-touch, safety guardian.


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