The OwlScout is a high-performance dual dash cam set in one device ready to capture everything happening in front of your vehicle and in cabin. Equipped to capture 1080p footage, Sony Exmor sensor, Wi-Fi connectivity, GPS logging, and night vision, allowing you to be prepared for the road.

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1080P Front & In-Cabin

The OwlScout records in 1080p front and in-cabin in 30fps, allowing you to capture clear footagae at high speeds. Capture the road unfolding in front of you and everything that’s happening inside your car.

Rideshare Friendly

The OwlScout is completely Rideshare friendly, with a dual dash camera system with a camera facing the road and the second camera facing inside the cabin. Drivers will have video footage of everything happening inside the cabin at all times.

GPS Logging

Have your all your routes and current speed tracked with the new built in GPS logger.

145° Viewing Angle

The OwlScout shoots in a 145° wide degree angle inside and outside the vehicle to make sure that you’ll capture all the details that unfold on the road.

Night Vision

Night VIsion

The second camera facing inside the vehicle is built with night vision. Night vision will automatically turn on once it gets dark. This helps users have the ability to have clear video when it’s dark inside the car.

Copy of Wi-Fi Enabled

Wi-FI For Instant File SHaring

For easy access, users can now use the myGEKOgear app to view, playback, and transfer their videos hassle free once connected to Wi-Fi. Compatible with iOS and Android smartphone.

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Sony Exmor Sensor

The Sony Exmor sensor is built into the front camera and automatically adjust the sensitivity of light. This sensor will render flawless video will render flawless video footage regardless the time of day.

MicroSD Card

16GB MicroSD Card


A 16GB microSD card is included in the package, so once you have the OwlScout, you’ll be ready to install and capture your drive immediately.

Firmware Updates

Lifetime of Firmware Updates

Keep your dash cam up to date with the latest firmware and updates. All you need to do is check our website regularly for new available updates found in the support tab.


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"If you want to record the outside and the inside then this is one that you should consider it because sit has a great build quality and video quality. " View Video >>
Cruisin' Canada@crusincanada
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"I do like that the GPS included in this camera and it starts gathering your coordinates as well as your speed. " View Video >>
Brian Unboxed@brianunboxed
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"Overall this is a good dash cam and it works very well. Navigating the menu is fairly easy and using the APP is simple. The GPS logging is also very nice to have." View Video >>
G-Style Magazine@gstylemagazine
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"The My GEKO Gear OwlScout is a pretty good dash cam if you’re looking for a dual cam unit. I like the fact that it’s an all-in-one and while this won’t exactly record what’s going on behind your car, this would be a great dash cam for ride sharing individuals and those who want to record in-cabin events." View Article >>
All Tech Reviews@alltechreviews
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"OwlScout is a very interesting dash cam that has good features. If your looking for a dash cam that records good quality videos and also records in-cabin events, I would definitely consider OwlScout." View Article >>
The Gadgeteer@thegadgeteer
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"I do like how the videos that are either automatically saved by the G-Sensor or by manually pressing the lock button are saved to a separate folder on the SD card, as well as accessible from the “Emergency” tab of the album view in the app." View Article >>
Dash Cam Talk @Sunny
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"I definitely recommend the OwlScout dashcam for those who work as rideshare drivers. It’s cost-effective, gets the job done, and you get very clear footage. Features like GPS logging, Wifi, and night vision make it worth the price." View Article >>
Worth It or Not @worthitornot
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"All in all I can't complain about it. " View Video >>



My Geko Gear strives to bring you a high quality and easy to use dash cam that will fit any drivers needs.

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