Orbit 960 real front and back

Orbit 960

The Orbit 960 is a 4K ultra high definition recording with clarity and reliability. Empowered with the Sony Starvis sensor and driver assist features.

Orbit 960


The Orbit 960 can record videos at a resolution of 3840 x 2160p at 30 fps. Empowered with ultra definition, record in clarity and quality while driving at high speeds. No longer will you need to worry about missing those small important details such as license plates.



Empowered with the Sony Starvis sensor the Orbit 960 will render a well-lit and clear video in low light situations such as nighttime.

Sony Starvis sensor

Wi-Fi Enabled

For a more user-friendly experience, Wi-Fi capability is now enabled on the dash cam. Users can instantly  view, transfer, and share their footage from their dash cam straight to their smartphone within minutes once connected on the GEKO App. Easily share your footage with your friends, family, and the police.

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GPS logging

GPS Logging

GPS logging will record the accurate speed and location information from the dash cam and when the car is in motion. This can be vital information in pinpointing the exact location where an incident happened which can be crucial in an insurance claim.

Driver Fatigue Warning

Driver Fatigue Warning

Drivers can set a time for a alert reminder to take a break from driving if they have been driving for a long period of time.

140 wide angle view


Shooting in a 140° wide angle lens ensures that you’ll capture most lanes on the road along with those blind spots on the side. More importantly, it’ll help you capture all the small details on the road, such as license plates.

2 Mounting Options

2 Mounting Options

The Orbit 960 has 2 mounting options, suction cup and a 3M stick tape mount. Users will have the option of choosing the mount that works best for their vehicle.

micro sd cards

Supports 512GB with 16GB


The Orbit 960 supports up to 512GB of external storage, so there is no need to worry about limited space for footage. Additionally, a 16GB microSD card is included in the package, so you’ll be set to install the Orbit 960 in your car and start recording.

Firmware Updates

Lifetime of Firmware


Keep your dash cam up to date with the latest firmware and updates. All you need to do is check our website regularly for new available updates found in the support tab.



Crusin' Canada@Cruisincanada
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"BEST 4K Dash Cam 2020 - I do think this is one of my favorite little dash cams so far. Love the GPS information! Love how it's placed on the image and the video quality is really good and really good color, it's not oversaturated. "
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High Tech Check@hightechcheck
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"I definitely love the picture and the audio is really good. It's small and compact and doesn't get in your way when you're trying to look out your front windshield and it has a lot of storage space. "
View Video >>
High Tech Point@hightechpoint
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"The quality of the Orbit 960 4K Dash Cam does an excellent job of capturing great detail where you are able to see plates or signs very clearly during day time. "
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Spider Wayne@spiderwayne
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"This camera, I think it's a good camera. Easiest I have ever set up. The on screen display and the side buttons really help. It's a really easy camera to use. I recommend getting it."
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US Dash Camera @usdashcamera
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"I do think this is a pretty solid camera. It feels sturdy, it feels high quality. It has a suction mount and an adhesive mount, so you can use it in your main cars and other cars."
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"On the other hand, having GPS, wi-Fi, smart features, support for a huge micro SD card, and a Sony Starvis sensor, sounds like a great deal."
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Woodzman Adventures@woodzmanadventures
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"You can review the video. That's pretty handy because that's one thing that you can do with a camera like this. It has a screen and you can take this and show it to the officer, "Look here officer, I have it on video", so it's a pretty handy to have a large screen like this."
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Coach Helder@coachhelder
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"I tested the Orbit 960 for 2 straight weeks and was extremely impressed with its performance. It does what it is supposed to do very well and has plenty of extras for those that need a little more. I was impressed with the body cam that I received from My Geko Gear and I must say, I am even more impressed with this dash cam."
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Dragon Blogger Technology & Entertainment@dragonbloggertechnologyandentertainment
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"On the camera's side of things, it's doing everything it's suppose to do. I can see everything I need to see."
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myGEKOgear strives to bring you a high quality and easy to use dash cam that will fit any drivers needs.

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