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2022 Summer Roadtrip MUST HAVE Gadgets

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Get geared this Summer with our road trip must haves that we believe would make it memorable and more comfortable. Road trips usually take hours of long driving, we always recommend driving with a dash cam wherever you’re going. One can never predict what can happen on the road.


A dash cam can help in saving those gorgeous scenic views when you’re driving through the desert or forest. It allows you to look back on your drives and remember the scenes from your trip. A dash cams also allows you to be prepared in cases of incidents. Be able to provide video evidence if you are involved in any road side incidents.


When you’re stuck in the car for long periods at a time, you want the air around you feeling and smelling fresh and clean. The Cyclone O2 features a HEPA 13 carbon activated filter to clean out any smells, dust particles, or pet dander. Turn on the Cyclone O2 and the air quality sensor will let you know the quality of air and start the filtering process. Equipped with a essential oils slot to insert your favorite scent. Take this along with you in any hotel rooms and filter out the stagnant air.


The cyclone fan can be a great addition to your Summer road trip if you AC isn’t as strong. It’s great to bring along if you have a baby, to clip onto the baby carrier to keep your child cool in the hottest months in travel. Equipped with 3 LED lighting modes, this is great to use in a camping trip to keep your tent well-lit and cool. Rechargeable, quiet, and can be powered on up to 6 hours.

Keep safe and cool this Summer! Thanks for reading to the end!

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