Geko Launches First In-Car Emergency Locator

GEKO PanicSafe PS100W-small1

Geko Launches First In-Car Emergency Locator

From the award-winning designers of the Smart Whistle, Geko and WISO, comes the PanicSafe Emergency Locator. This in-car panic button automatically sends texts, emails, and even calls preselected contacts all just a few seconds after the built in G-sensor detects any impacts or sudden brakes.

GEKO PanicSafe PS100W-small2All you need to do is download the WISO app on your device, and pair your device to your unique PanicSafe via Bluetooth. Then, using the WISO app, select the contacts that you would wish to notify in time of need. If the G-sensor detects any accidents, or you hold the button for two or more seconds, the SOS notifications will activate and your loved ones will be promptly contacted.

The PanicSafe’s MSRP is $79.99 USD and $99.99 CAD. It will be available for purchase mid May, through several online stores. For more information about the product and where to buy, please visit

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Paulina Soria

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