Upgrades on your Car for a Better Drive

Nowadays there are so many options and ways that you can upgrade your car for a better drive. All you need to do is add in a few accessories and you can bring a dated car to the modern age. 

Bluetooth Capabilities

When your vehicle is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity this will improve safety and better driving habits.  By being connected with Bluetooth, this gives the driver the option to listen to music and control their music choices  through their smartphone. More importantly, drivers can take phone calls while being hands-free.

Rear View Camera

In the U.S. having a backup camera is now required in new vehicles. This makes reversing a lot easier and prevents more accidents from happening. If you car is not equipped with this addition a aftermarket option is always available. There is also the option of replacing your entire digital rear view mirror which also serves as a dash cam. With this feature users will be able to record what is happening in the front and the the back of the car..

Alert Displays

Alert displays can be very important and can help to prevent more accidents from happening. With the age of technology, there are different gadgets that will allow different alerts while driving. A number of myGEKOgear dash cams have some driver assist features such as, driver fatigue warnings, lane departure warning system, front collision warning system, and headlight reminder. With these alerts it will help to promote better driving habits. 

Panicsafe being used in the car

Add a USB Charger

Having a USB charger can be a life saver. You’ll never know when your phone may run out of battery. It’s always best to have a option to charge your phone especially if you are on the road.

Orbit 510 front and back view

Dash Cam

Dash cams are becoming  popular since you never know what happens on the road. People may purposely try to cause a accident with you and try to get money or you might be blamed for causing an accident. With a dash cam it will record through the dashboard of your vehicle. There are all types of dash cams with different types of features that can fit your needs. It’s always good to have evidence of what happened if you are involved in an accident.

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