The Perfect Safety Kit to Gift Your Family & Friends

Safety is always important wherever you’re headed. With Covid-19, more people have been taking road trips rather than travelling by plane. It seems the revival of road trips is here to stay for awhile. This season gift your friends and family the perfect safety kit to keep in your car to keep them safe and prepared on all of their driving adventures.

This Safety Kit Gift Set is ready to be gifted and tied with a pull bow:

Orbit 110 Dash Cam

Always be prepared in any incident with a dash cam to capture anything and everything that can suddenly unfold on the road. The Orbit 110 dash cam mounts on your front windshield to capture everything that’s happening on the road in 1080p. Equipped with a g-sensor to sense an impact and lock onto any emergency incident files, so they won’t be loop recorded over. This provides evidence and transparency of what happens in any driving situation.


MagiClaw Mount

This year most people have been working from home. The MagiClaw mount is sturdy and reliable to claw onto any surface to mount your smartphone, allowing you to go hands-free. This handy mount can even be used to mount your phone in your car. Take this anywhere and everywhere to go hands-free. 


Pepper Spray

Have pepper spray with you wherever you’re going. You can keep this in your car or on you at all times in case you would need it for any incident. 


Tire Gauge Tool

Keeping a tire gauge tool in your car can be quite handy. This will measure your car’s tire pressure. It’s pertinent to always keeping your tire’s pressure at the right an optimal amount if you’re constantly driving. 


Safety Kit Bag

This safety kit bag will keep everything safe and organized in your vehicle. Keep your registration and insurance here to keep safe and quickly grab them when you need to. 


This set is the perfect safety kit to take anywhere. Don’t miss out and grab it for only $80. 

$180 Value


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