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The Best Way to Prevent Fall Allergies

When we think of the Fall, we think of the gorgeous autumn colors, anything and everything with pumpkin spice, and cooler days. Usually, we don’t think to experience harsh allergies in the Fall season. Unfortunately, allergies in the Fall can be just as bad as they are in the Spring. The best way to prevent being affected by your allergies is to look at all the factors and to start looking for the best air purifier to improve your daily living.

One of the biggest triggers of Fall allergies relates back to ragweed. During the cool nights of Fall, ragweed pollen is released. Even if you don’t necessarily live close to any of these plants, pollen can drift for hundreds of miles with the wind.

Mold can be another fall trigger, growing in damp bathrooms and basements. Once Fall leaves hit the ground and it’s mixed it with the cool rainy days, this becomes the perfect breeding grounds for mold.

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The best way to prevent the runny noses, itchy eyes, and constant sneezing is to take a mini portable air purifier wherever you’re going. Breathing in clean air can make all the difference in your daily life. Our Cyclone O2 includes a HEPA filter to filter out all the dust, pollen, and smells that remain in the air. This unit is small but powerful enough to move stagnant air out and away. Additionally, the Cyclone O2 includes an essential oil diffuser to refresh any room you may be staying in. This can be super handy to use in the car, office, or when you are traveling to refresh the air in a stagnant hotel room.

This Fall you won’t need to suffer through as many allergy symptoms using a small but powerful air purifier. Start breathing fresher and cleaner air with the Cyclone O2 to feel the difference.

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