The Existence of Dashcams

With modern technology and daily advancements in gadgets designed to improve and ease the strife of life it was inevitable that the dashcam came into existence. Many people are still unsure of just what this device does and exactly what its’ purpose is. The range of dashcam’s today is endless.

The most basic of dashcam’s as well as the higher end models all come equipped with a G-Sensor that automatically write-protects the footage collected on the SD memory card when an accident occurs. All models continuously loop over old footage unless you choose to write-protect a certain file.

Just plug it in to you car’s cigarette lighter plug and it automatically turns on once the car is started or hardwire it to your car’s battery and utilize the motion detection feature (available on our GoSafe 330 model). The basic idea behind every dashcam is to promote safety on the road.

  • It records your driving route with the Full HD 1080P/30 fps camera (available on most models)
  • Guaranteed to capture everything within a 130° angle depending on the model.
  • The higher end models support an advanced driver assistance system (ADAS).

Dashcams: Providing Peace of Mind

American city dwellers are spending roughly around 60 hours a year on the road! The amount of time Americans are on the road has doubled sine 1980 and 10 percent of that time is time spent distracted by a variety of things, mostly cell phones.

Along with these facts comes higher risk of accidents. Sometimes the faulty driver can get away with causing an accident without witnesses present. With a dashcam that might all be avoided.

Here are a few more reasons to install a dashcam:

Ensures indisputable video evidence that can be used in court and by insurance agencies

Ensures your parked car records when something happens with motion detection (Available in our GoSafe 330 model)

Record your travel patterns and speed

Can encourage safer driving habits

Perfect to record holiday and weekend adventures

Will ensure you capture a hit and run assailant if captured by the camera

Can help employer’s out when managing a fleet of cars

Installation Video

Step-by-Step Instructions

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Choosing the Right SD Card

Here at Geko we know our customers expect reliable, top-of-the-line dashcams. We also know that choosing the right SD card is not always easy. The choices available are wide and varied without any real way to track everything that is sold in the market. We always recommend that you make your purchase from a reputable vendor and steer clear from generic brands.

Our Top Choices

The following SD card brands have been tested and are compatible with our cameras:

  • Kingston
  • Patriot
  • Transcend (8GB-32GB max and must be rated class 10 or higher).

Others may work, however these are the brands we have tested.

Incompatible Cards

We do not recommend SanDisk or Samsung cards because after a short period of time they often become incompatible and cause disruption in the operation of the dashcam.

Not Listed?

If your choice of card is not listed and have questions please contact the GEKO Tech Team by emailing or by calling us at 1.844.9PAPAGO.

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