Smart Whistle Nominated CES Innovations Honoree




LOS ANGELES, November 10th, 2016– Geko’s clever Smart Whistle was just nominated a Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Innovations Awards Honoree. This remarkable device will be displayed at CES Unveiled Las Vegas, and in the Innovations Awards Showcase within the Sands Expo at CES Tech West during the show.geko-smart-whistle-ws100-all-colors-01

With the world’s first Smart Whistle, assistance from a loved one is just a whistle away. Fashioned with GPS tracking and Bluetooth technology, this monumental tool can alert your loved ones instantly when you are in need. First, you download the WISO app on your smartphone device and pair it to your own unique Smart Whistle. On the app, select the contacts who you wish to notify when in need of assistance and set-up is complete. To activate your SOS alerts, blow on the mouthpiece or press on your Smart Whistle’s button for two seconds. This will automatically call (Android only), text, and email your previously selected contacts. The texts and emails will contain an SOS message, along with a map containing your current location, which will be continuously updated every two to three minutes until the alert is deactivated. After deactivating the alert, your contacts receive another message informing them of your well being. With GEKO’s Smart Whistle, you’ll be sporting safety with style.

Please visit to view the Smart Whistle’s features, videos and reviews.


The GEKO was designed for consumers who want a high-quality dash cam without the high price. Our mission is to create dash cams that will make recording your drive easy, while using the best technology in the market. The GEKO dash cams will record in crystal clear video so you are certain to capture every major event on the road. GEKO is not only affordable, but also a brand you can trust.

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