Smart Hardwire Kit

Monitor your car 24/7 by hardwiring your car with the Smart Hardwire Kit. Easily view the display on the voltage of your battery with the LCD screen and protects your battery from depleting.

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Smart Hardwire Kit

Low Voltage Protection

If low voltage is detected and exceeds 6 minutes lower than set gear, power will immediately be cut off to save the battery.

Mini & Micro USB Accepted

Whether you need a mini USB or micro USB, we got you covered. The Smart Hardwire Kit is compatible with both cables.


Safety Circuit Protection

Short Circuit, Over Current, Over Temperature, Reverse Connection Protection

If the voltage rises above our low voltage setting gear range within 6 minutes (if set to 11.9V), it will not enter the low voltage protection and can continue to work; if the voltage exceeds 6 minutes remain low voltage at our set the gear range (if set to 11.9V), the low voltage protection will cut off the power supply and protect your car battery.

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LCD Screen

LCD Screen for Easy Display

Using a LCD screen will help users view the voltage and voltage settings easily

Compact Cars

12V - 48V

This can be installed in a compact car ranging to a large commercial vehicle.

Comaptible Models

Compatible with most

myGEKOgear dash cams

Compatible with myGEKOgear models: Orbit 110, Orbit 120, Orbit 130, Orbit 510, Orbit 530, Orbit 550, Orbit 930, Orbit 950, Orbit 960, Infiniview, Infiniview Lite, E100, P500, and OwlScout.


myGEKOgear strives to bring you a high quality and easy to use dash cam that will fit any drivers needs.

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