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Reasons Your Car Needs a Dash Cam

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While you’re on the road, you can never predict what might happen. With the use of a dash cam, a small camera placed at the front windshield of your car, you’ll be able to provide video evidence in the case of an incident.

Nowadays, you can find dash cams ranging from starter ones to more safety conscious dash cams that include ADAS features such as front collision warning to improve driver experience. Here are reasons why it can be so important to have a dash cam in 2022.

  1. Provide Evidence

In accidents on the road, it’s always best to have as much evidence as possible. Providing video can prove you weren’t the cause of an accident and possibly lower your insurance premiums.

2. Capture Scenic Drives

It’s great to have a dash cam when you’re going on a road trip. You can capture gorgeous scenic views whether you’re driving through the snowy mountains or desert lands. There are wildlife moments that you can capture out in the road that you may never see in the city. High performance dash cams similar to our Orbit 956 has a time lapse feature so you can capture a fast changing view.

3. Monitor Your Car While Parked

Most often, many dash cams come with a motion detection or parking monitor mode that will work with a dash cam hardwired into a car. The dash cam will be powered on at a lower power mode to start recording if it senses any motion around your car. This can be a needed feature for drivers who must park their car on the street often, to capture incidents such as hit and runs.

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