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The Starlit is the perfect dash cam for those looking for great performance in a small package. Featuring the revolutionary SONY Starvis sensor for excellent night vision, now you can confidently record all those rare moments any time of day

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1296P High Definition

Capture your drives with with clear detail with the 1296P resolution to ensure that you don’t miss those important details such as license plates.

Sony Starvis Sensor

The Starlit dash cam features the SONY Starvis sensor which renders an ultra clear image even in low light settings. This is perfect for anyone looking for excellent night vision recordings.



The Starlit dash cam is a G-Sensor enabled dash cam. Once the dashcam detects any impact, drastic braking, or sharp turns the G-Sensor will enable emergency recording and the dash cam will automatically save 2 files of the emergency by write-protecting them.

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The Starlit features both a suction cup mount and a 3M adhesive mount for a more permanent and flush installation.


With the Starlit you will capture video coverage of your drive day or night. The adjustable EV value system pre-installed in this dashcam will provide automatic alterations to the exposure values when the environmental lighting changes. You are guaranteed to record excellent videos in extremely lit areas as well as darker areas.


With the loop-recording feature you will not have to bother changing out your Micro SD card periodically. You can just use the same memory card as long as you remember to occasionally format it. Old files will automatically get recorded over unless they are write-protected. There is no lag between files so you are certain to record every important moment. Copy those important files onto your PC and avoid losing them before they get filmed over.

Supports 64GB MicroSD Card &

FREE 16GB MicroSD Included

Supporting up to 64GB so drivers won't need to worry about old footage being constantly being loop recorded over. Additionally we have included a free 16GB microSD card for each drivers convenience to immediately install and begin recording daily drives.

Lifetime of Firmware Updates

Keep your dash cam up to date with the latest firmware and updates. All you need to do is check our website regularly for new available updates found in the support tab.


Dustin Vang@dustinvang
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"Dustin Vang gives a detailed review on all the amazing features part of the S200 Starlit."
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"The S200 Starlit is a pretty nice unit and comes with full on capabilities and features that you can enable and disable. It also has a nice design and works really well."
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Tech We Like@techwelike
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"I am so impressed with the footage the S200 Starlit dashcam captures. It’s so crisp and both in daylight and night time driving. Since dash cams are a gadget you will likely keep for a few years, I suggest getting a dash cam that is worth the money and gets the job done correctly. In that case, you need footage for an insurance claim, you want the footage to be clear. I think at the price it is now, it’s worth the investment. I hope to review more dash cams to make more informed comparisons. The S200 is definitely a go!"
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My Geko Gear strives to bring you a high quality and easy to use dash cam that will fit any drivers needs.

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