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Orbit 930

The Orbit 930 is a powerful dual dash cam that's ready to capture drive at 1080p. Empowered with GPS logging and WiFi capabilities instant file sharing is made easier than ever.

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Orbit 930

1080P Dual Dash Cam Front & Rear

Record beautifully rendered 1080p full high definition for both the front and rear camera of the Orbit 930. Never miss a moment on the road.

Wide Angle Lens for Front & Rear

 140° wide angle lens on the front and rear captures more lanes on the road and most importantly, those small details on the road such as license plates.

GPS Logging

By using the GPS logging feature the Orbit 930 will log your location and speed on the footage, saving your information and incident location.

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Copy of Wi-Fi Enabled

Wi-Fi Enabled Dash Cam

Easily have access to your dash cam footage using the myGEKOgear app to view, download, and share your dash cam footage wherever and whenever you like. This eliminates the hassle of physically inserting your microSD card into a computer.

40 mph (2)

Front Collision Warning System

The front collision warning system is an advanced safety technology that will monitor the distance of the vehicle in front of you. If the vehicle gets too close to the rear it will give a warning. Keep in mind this does not help you operate the vehicle but to better help drivers promote better driving habits.

Lane Departure Warning System

Lane Departure Warning System

The lane departure warning system is advanced safety technology that will warn drivers if they are drifting out of its own lane. Keep in mind this does not help you operate the vehicle but to better help drivers promote better driving habits.



Once the dash cam detects a impact, drastic breaking, or sharp turns the G-Sensor will automatically start emergency recording and lock onto these files so they won’t be loop recorded.

MicroSD Card

16GB MicroSD Card Included

An 16GB microSD card is included in your package, so you’ll be good to install and use your dash cam immediately.

Firmware Updates

Lifetime of Firmware Updates

Keep your dash cam up to date with the latest firmware and updates. All you need to do is check our website regularly for new available updates found in the support tab.



myGEKOgear strives to bring you a high quality and easy to use dash cam that will fit any drivers needs.

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