Smart hardwire kit what's in the box

myGEKOgear Releases the Smart Hardwire Kit to Easily Have your Dash Cam Connected 24/7

It is becoming increasingly more important to always have your vehicle protected and recorded 24/7. Many drivers are turning to hardwire kits to have the dash cam hardwired in to allow parking mode to be turned on. Once the dash cam senses movement, it will automatically start recording even when drivers are away from their vehicle.                         

Many hardwire kits do not show the voltage display, making it less user-friendly to use. The myGEKOgear Smart Hardwire Kit completely solves this problem, displaying the voltage and voltage settings a compact LCD screen for you to view.  This kit also has a delay low voltage protection, once a low voltage is detected and exceeds 6 minutes lower than the set gear, power will automatically be cut off to save your car battery. To make this kit more usable for most drivers, we have included both a mini and micro USB cable. Ranging from 12V to 48V this can be installed into a compact vehicle to a large commercial vehicle. Using the smart hardwire kit always allows your car to be protected and more importantly, it gives you the ease of figuring out the voltage and voltage setting of your car battery. Get ready to drive with peace in mind with myGEKOgear.

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