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Fall Driving Dangers & Ways to Stay Safe

Fall may seem like a lovely transition from Summer, bringing in sweater weather, gorgeous foliage colors, and pumpkin spiced treats. However, we should keep in mind of the potential dangers on the road when conditions can change suddenly in the Fall. We should remind ourselves to make small changes should be made with the way we drive to improve driving safety and precent incidents that can happen on the road.  

Driving Safely in the Dark

The days start to get darker faster, and Daylight Savings Time ends, people will find themselves driving to and from work in the dark. It starts to get a little tricky on the road when things get dark due to depth perception and not being able to see much in your peripheral vision due to darkness. The glare from oncoming traffic can also be very blinding for drivers.

  • Make sure your headlines are cleaned and in working order. If your headlights are working properly this can decrease your visibility significantly.
  • When you’re making your way through busy streets, watch out for pedestrians or bikers. It may be more difficult to see especially if they are wearing darker clothes.
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Fog & Front

Most often during Fall, there will be many autumn mornings with fog, this will reduce your vision and the perception of distance to the vehicle in front of you.

Remember to not use your high beams when you’re stuck in fog. The light only bounces back the light and into your direction making it harder to see.

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When Fall arrives so does all the foliage, so when wind blows it litters the road with leaves. When rain mixes with all the leaves this can leave puddles and sludge if it causes a drain blockage on the road. This can leave a slick mess with sludge on the road in a rainy season. Wet leaves can create a mat that reduces traction, with this type of condition make your you’re leaving a lot of space to the car in front of you to avoid any fender benders.

Be Prepared with a Dash Cam

Too many unexpected things can happen on the road. The best way to prepare for this is using a dash cam to record all of your drives for insurance purposes. Knowing exactly what happened in an accident can be helpful in providing the right evidence. Being able to capture the small important details such as license plates and signs can be key to any case.

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