Magiclaw mounted in car

Different Ways to Mount with the MagiClaw

The MagiClaw is perfect mount to stably secure your smartphone and allow you to go hands-free with any task you are trying to complete. Using a ball head, it can rotate 360 degrees, positioning your phone at any optimal viewing angle that works for you.

magiclaw mounted in kitchen

One of the perfect uses of the MagiClaw could be used right at home. Looking  to do more homecooking? Use the MagiClaw to hold up your phone while you cook. You no longer need to constantly pick up your phone while your hands are full and check whats the next step to cooking. Have the MagiClaw mount up your phone on a ledge so you can seamlessly cook and scroll through your recipe.

magiclaw mounted on desk
Using Magiclaw at laptop

Lately, many of us have been working from home. Improve your productivity by having your phone mounted and stood up for you to have easy access when you’re working. You won’t need to constantly pick up your phone to check on it. You can immediately see notifications and calls coming through when it’s propped upright and easily in sight.

magiclaw mounted on bike

With the gyms closed, more people have been exercising at home, taking walks, and biking around the neighborhood. Mount your smartphone onto a bike using the MagiClaw and you’ll always stay connected and hands-free. You’ll be able to easily GPS and ride around your neighborhood.


Additionally, the MagiClaw could be used as a phone mount in your car. A lot of mounts are typically sticky mounts that fall off when the its too hot. Using a claw mount, you won’t need to worry about constantly changing the mount out. You no longer need to worry about your mount falling down after every bump you’ve encountered on the road.

Take this portable and lightweight clw to make your life easier wherever you go.

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