What is a Dash cam?

Dash cam is the next step in driving security. The dash cam is a surveillance-oriented video recorder mounted on the windscreen of a vehicle facing out to the road. It tracks the events going on around your car into a Micro SD card and stores video evidence if incidents occur. Dash cams automatically power up and record when your engine is turn on and automatically turn off and stop recording when the engine is turned off. Dash cams are powered through an accessory socket (cigarette lighter socket) through the power cord. Some PAPAGO dash cams can continue to record even when you have parked and away from your vehicle to catch vandals and can monitor your garage/property. These parked recording features are enabled by hard wiring your dash cam to your car’s battery.

A dash cam provides irrefutable video evidence for protection from false accusations after the incident; drunk drivers, road rage and insurance fraud (just to mention a few). The video can also be used as evidence to support removing hoon drivers in the community off the roads, thereby protecting everyone. After accidents occur on the road, we usually hear police crash investigators on radio or TV call on the public to send them any dash cam footage of the incident. Crash investigators can use this important footage to help you figure out what happened in the lead up to an accident.

Today, dash cams are used by most drivers in Europe, America, Russia, South Korea, Southeast Asia and rapidly growing in popularity in Australia.

The Importance of Quality Dash Cams are:

Protect yourself

Dash cams are important because they help drivers protect themselves from false accusations in road incidents. It’s clear to us that no matter how careful you drive, if other drivers are not careful, you can easily end up in an accident. You may be charged guilty by the insurance company, depending on the situation. With a dash cam, safe drivers can record the whole scene of the incident and ensure that the right party takes the responsibility.

Stop Vandalism/Hit & Run and Monitor your parked vehicle

PAPAGO dash cams can protect customer’s cars from being vandalized while parked. With the use of a hardwire kit to provide constant power, the Dash Cam can be triggered by motion or impact and record what is happening around the parked car. We all know what mall/supermarket parking lots are like. In most cases, the careless driver will leave the scene without giving details. A dash camera can help prove to your insurance company that you did not cause the damage yourself, or in the case of intentional damage, the footage can be shown to the police. 

Other Importance Of Quality Dash Cams Are:

  1. With a quality dash cam, employers can monitor and ensure employees are following company rules when driving fleet vehicles.
  2. A quality dash cam provides irrefutable video evidence in the event of a road incident – false accusations can be disputed.
  3. Some quality dash cam models provide GPS location tracking and vehicle speed.
  4. Quality dash cam is indispensable because it provides protection and evidence from a hit and runs incidents, car theft, and malicious damage.
  5. Quality dash cam is easy to install and easy to use.
  6. Reduce the time to settle a claim by an insurance company or court.
  7. Change driving behavior and protect our roads – hoon/dangerous drivers are becoming increasingly aware that their behavior could be recorded.

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Geko Launches First In-Car Emergency Locator

GEKO PanicSafe PS100W-small1

Geko Launches First In-Car Emergency Locator

From the award-winning designers of the Smart Whistle, Geko and WISO, comes the PanicSafe Emergency Locator. This in-car panic button automatically sends texts, emails, and even calls preselected contacts all just a few seconds after the built in G-sensor detects any impacts or sudden brakes.

GEKO PanicSafe PS100W-small2All you need to do is download the WISO app on your device, and pair your device to your unique PanicSafe via Bluetooth. Then, using the WISO app, select the contacts that you would wish to notify in time of need. If the G-sensor detects any accidents, or you hold the button for two or more seconds, the SOS notifications will activate and your loved ones will be promptly contacted.

The PanicSafe’s MSRP is $79.99 USD and $99.99 CAD. It will be available for purchase mid May, through several online stores. For more information about the product and where to buy, please visit

Press Contact

Paulina Soria


Geko Smart Whistle Available on The Grommet!

Los Angeles, CA (February 16, 2017)- The very popular Geko Smart Whistle is now being featured on The Grommet! The Grommet is the online launch platform for early-stage consumer products from independent Makers like Geko.

Danger doesn’t wait, and neither should you. Because no one can text, email, and call people in two seconds, Geko, with help from WISO, has designed the very first Smart Whistle, a remarkable device that’s to take personal safety to a whole new level.

Because The Grommet recognizes remarkable devices like this one, it included the Smart Whistle in the small 3% category of products The Grommet actually considers and selects to feature.

To view or purchase the Geko Smart Whistle on The Grommet, please visit

Press Contact

Paulina Soria





Los Angeles, CA (December 20, 2016)- GEKO reveals the Xpedition, a smart dashcam capable of WIFI and Bluetooth connection, and GPS tracking. This loaded dash cam will be on interactive display in Las Vegas at the upcoming 2017 CES Show.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS have all come together to build this multifaceted dash cam, the Xpedition. This dash cam comes with a small Bluetooth enabled remote and when pressed, the camera captures both a 2 megapixel image, and, records a short video. Once the Xpedition App is installed on your smart device, you can connect to the camera via WI-FI, allowing you to download, edit, add music, and share videos and pictures as well as view your video as it streams live straight from the app on your device. As if not enough, the built in GPS displays your speed and location on a Google map alongside your video, so you’ll know exactly where the footage was taken and the traveling speed. Finally, thanks to the app, firmware updates can be done simply from your phone. This tiny 32mmx32mm cube is equipped with everything needed to document life’s journeys.

The MSRP for the Xpedition is $169.99 USD, and $199.99 CAD. As of now, it is available only in Canada, but will be available in the US February 2017. For more information, please visit the Geko booth at CES 2017, South Hall #35242, or visit the website at

Press Contact:

Paulina Soria



Smart Whistle Nominated CES Innovations Honoree




LOS ANGELES, November 10th, 2016– Geko’s clever Smart Whistle was just nominated a Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Innovations Awards Honoree. This remarkable device will be displayed at CES Unveiled Las Vegas, and in the Innovations Awards Showcase within the Sands Expo at CES Tech West during the show.geko-smart-whistle-ws100-all-colors-01

With the world’s first Smart Whistle, assistance from a loved one is just a whistle away. Fashioned with GPS tracking and Bluetooth technology, this monumental tool can alert your loved ones instantly when you are in need. First, you download the WISO app on your smartphone device and pair it to your own unique Smart Whistle. On the app, select the contacts who you wish to notify when in need of assistance and set-up is complete. To activate your SOS alerts, blow on the mouthpiece or press on your Smart Whistle’s button for two seconds. This will automatically call (Android only), text, and email your previously selected contacts. The texts and emails will contain an SOS message, along with a map containing your current location, which will be continuously updated every two to three minutes until the alert is deactivated. After deactivating the alert, your contacts receive another message informing them of your well being. With GEKO’s Smart Whistle, you’ll be sporting safety with style.

Please visit to view the Smart Whistle’s features, videos and reviews.


The GEKO was designed for consumers who want a high-quality dash cam without the high price. Our mission is to create dash cams that will make recording your drive easy, while using the best technology in the market. The GEKO dash cams will record in crystal clear video so you are certain to capture every major event on the road. GEKO is not only affordable, but also a brand you can trust.

Our design team has rigorously researched and tested each model so that our customers are guaranteed to be satisfied with their purchase. We have left no stone unturned in our search for the highest quality without compromising price. GEKO knows what is essential in a great dash cam and created this brand only with the everyday user in mind



Press Contact

Paulina Soria

Geko To Release First Ever Smart Whistle


Geko To Release First Ever Smart Whistle

Danger doesn’t wait, and now neither should you. Because no one can text, email, and call people in two seconds, Geko, with help from WISO, has designed the very first Smart Whistle, a remarkable device that’s to take personal safety to a whole new level.

All you have to do to have assistance from loved ones in a matter of seconds is download the WISO app on your smart device, and pair your device via Bluetooth to your unique Smart Whistle. Once that’s complete, using the WISO app, select the contacts that you wish to notify in time of need. From there, all you’ll have to do is blow the whistle, or hold the button, for two or more seconds to activate your SOS notifications.
687847026587_01SMART WHISTLE WS100

The Smart Whistle’s MSRP is $59.99 USD and $69.99 CAD. It will be available for purchase beginning Tuesday, July 5, through several online stores. For more information about the product and where to buy, please click here.

Press Contact

Paulina Soria


Choosing the Right SD Card

Choosing the Right SD Card

Here at Geko we know our customers expect reliable, top-of-the-line dashcams. We also know that choosing the right SD card is not always easy. The choices available are wide and varied without any real way to track everything that is sold in the market. We always recommend that you make your purchase from a reputable vendor and steer clear from generic brands.

Our Top Choices

The following SD card brands have been tested and are compatible with our cameras: ADATA, Kingston, Patriot, and Transcend (8GB-32GB max and must be rated class 10 or higher). Others may work, however these are the brands we have tested.

Good-SDIncompatible Cards

We do not recommend SanDisk or Samsung cards because after a short period of time they often become incompatible and cause disruption in the operation of the dashcam.

badsdNot Listed?

If your choice of card is not listed and have questions please contact the GEKO Tech Team by emailing or by calling us at 1.844.9PAPAGO.